UFE 90 Day Challenge - Edmonton, Alberta

July 10 - October 9

  • Your registration for the UFE 90 Day Challenge includes access to the app and the private Facebook group plus a daily Success Journal and an accountability coach.
    Does not include exercise or meal programming.

  • No showcase event. All judging will be done online.

  • Featuring a showcase event on October 9th.

Exclusive Coaching Options:

  • UFE 90 Day Challenge Program

    UFE 90 Day Challenge Program

    Let us guide you day by day, exercise by exercise and meal by meal to your best body ever. Our UFE 90 Day Challenge Program allows you to follow a schedule for your training and meals. All exercises come with video and text instruction and the program was designed according to sound physiological principles that support maximum fat loss and muscle gain. The Program allows you to log each workout and each meal, also giving you the ability to make substitutions when necessary.

    $90.00 ea.

  • Personal Coaching with 90 Day Challenge Founder, Sean Everingham

    Personal Coaching with 90 Day Challenge Founder, Sean Everingham


    How would you like to have Sean guide you throughout the entire Challenge, virtually assuring you of your success? After gathering your measurements, pictures and answers to some questions, Sean will design you a personalized exercise and meal program to get you the best results of your life. This program includes 4 phases of programming and a weekly check in and review of nutrition to ensure the best results possible. This opportunity is limited to only 40 total Challengers in order to make sure Sean can dedicate the effort and time needed to each person.

    Sean has worked with countless clients from complete newbies to Elite athletes and is known for getting people incredible results no matter what their goal.

    $455.00 ea.


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